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Dental Care for Children

A child getting her teeth examined at the dental office.

Dentistry for Kids in Blaine, WA

We provide dentistry for your entire family, including children, at Borderview Dental. Our team understands that children have unique dental needs. Our approach to kids’ dentistry involves not only thoroughness but also gentleness and patience. Kids form impressions of dental care early on, and we want our patients’ experiences to be always positive.

Preventative dentistry is particularly important for children. We offer many preventative services, including fluoride treatment, for children of every age, in addition to routine cleanings and examinations, so that they can get started on the road to excellent dental health and a beautiful smile for life. Of course, we also handle any kids’ dental issues that may arise.

Remember, professional dental care should begin as soon as your child’s first tooth erupts. Please call us at (360) 332-8737.