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Dental Fillings

A tooth colored white filling looks just like natural teeth.

Beautiful Restoration of Decayed Teeth in Blaine, WA

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems that dentists encounter. Silver amalgam has been the standard material used in cavity fillings for many years. While this material is solid and durable, it is also very noticeable and appears unnatural.

We avoid these issues at Borderview Dental by primarily using composite resin as our restoration material. Composite resin is tough and long-lasting, but it is tooth-colored, unlike amalgam. This means that your composite filling blends in with your tooth.

There are still some rare situations where silver amalgam fillings are appropriate, but we mainly use these fillings in discreet locations, such as the back of your mouth.

At Borderview Dental, your desires are important to us. We can provide the treatment you need with the appearance you want. Simply give us a call at (360) 332-8737 today to schedule your visit.