Routine Exams and Cleanings

A smiling patient waiting for her exam in the dental chair.

Preventive Care at Our Blaine, WA Dental Practice

Professional dental examinations and cleanings form the foundation of preventative care. Although home care is essential, a cleaning at Borderview Dental removes tartar that even the most dedicated brushing and flossing cannot. Additionally, our team makes sure to clean those hard-to-reach areas that are so difficult to access on your own and educates our patients on how to maintain those areas.

All the doctors at Borderview Dental also conduct thorough examinations during your dental visits utilizing digital x-rays, including 3D images. The purpose of these exams is to check for current problems and detect signs of developing issues. That way, your dental care team can take care of the trouble before the problem becomes severe, uncomfortable, and costly.

Most patients need a cleaning and exam every six months. Is it time for yours? You can schedule today by calling us at (360) 332-8737.

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