What Sets Us Apart

Conservative, Advanced Dentistry for Your Best Smile

Our oral health affects every part of our lives. There’s a close connection between dental and overall wellness, as what happens in the body affects the mouth and vice versa. Likewise, how we feel about our smiles affects our self-esteem and confidence.

You and your family deserve beautiful smiles, brimming with health and happiness. Dr. Mason Cooper and the Borderview Dental team would like to be your partners as you achieve a lifetime of wonderful smiles!

The Borderview Dental Philosophy

For Dr. Cooper and our team, our approach to dental care is simple:

To treat people with respect and honesty and present all treatment choices based on the person’s desires, availability, and budget. We want patients to understand what care is necessary, what is optional, and what to plan on for the future.

During treatment planning, we will work closely with you to determine the best approach for your unique needs. We know that your being fully informed and engaged allows you to make knowledgeable decisions about your smile care, ensuring the best treatment and results.

Why Choose Us?

At our practice, everything we do is focused on you: your comfort, wellbeing, and current and future health is important to all of us. We want you to feel good taking care of your oral health, safe and informed in our care, and look forward to visiting us.

Advanced, Personalized Dental Care: We offer a new, modern facility and utilize the latest technology, as well as leading-edge, conservative treatments. Dr. Cooper will tailor care to your situation and is respectful and responsive to your concerns.

Focus on Preventive Care: We all want you to enjoy a healthy smile. A large part of your treatment plan will address potential future issues with a goal of avoiding expensive, invasive procedures in the future.

Conservative Dentistry: Dr. Cooper believes in a conservative approach to dental care, working to save your teeth and ensuring proper function.

A Non-Dental Feeling Office: We know that many people dread going to the dentist so we strive to make our office as “undental” as we can. There’s complimentary coffee, tea, and hot cocoa in our welcoming reception area, TV, and free WiFi throughout the office. Every operatory has a 27” LCD screen and Netflix for your viewing pleasure. And we always welcome parents to accompany their children during visits, whether they’re here for a checkup and cleaning or a more complex procedure.

Warm, Friendly Staff: We’re all experienced professionals. We’re also personable, supportive, and thrive on the relationships we build with our patient family. We’re really looking forward to getting to know you and your family!

Schedule a Visit at Borderview Dental

Our Blaine, WA family and general dental office serves Birch Bay, Ferndale, Custer, Lynden, and Bellingham. Dr. Cooper and our team members are excited to meet you: it will be our honor to help you and your loved ones achieve a lifetime of beautifully healthy smiles!